Primrose School Custom Locator Map Order Form



Primrose Schools has contracted International Mapping of Ellicott City MD to produce high quality individual school locator maps.

Each map is paid for by the individual school.  The cost is $75 and may be charged to a Credit Card.

International Mapping will send via email a Hi-Res JPG of the map upon completion. The map has been designed to be reproducible at 1.25″ x1.25″ which accommodates the smallest space allotment in the Primrose marketing material and larger.

Each map is custom tailored to the specific location and is focused on the roads necessary to reach your school. You must identify all roads you wish to be shown on the map in the space allotted on the order form before we will construct the map. Map scale will vary depending on the complexity of showing the required roads. Adding or changing roads after the map has been constructed, which alters the scale/scope of the map area, may require purchasing a second map with a new order form. Additional support materials are welcome. Please email them to Custom multi-school maps area also possible. Please email the details of the schools to be shown for a custom quote.


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